Tackling Essay Writing: Correcting Grammar Mistakes

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One of the so-called benefits of the Internet today is that a number of software programs come with inbuilt spelling and grammar checks. This is great. Well, it's great if the information contained in the software is correct in the first place. If it's not, how the heck does that help you fix any grammar mistakes in your essays? It doesn't. If you ask experts 'write my paper' they will tell about it in details.

So the best way to correct grammar mistakes in your essays is to know what is correct and incorrect grammar in the first place. Visit our service where you can buy college essays online, and this will make your life significantly easier. If you've been well taught as a student you should know these things. If you don't, then you need to bone up on the subject. By all means use the inbuilt grammar correction software devices, but be sure you know that what it is telling you about is correct in the first place. The best custom college essays are written by this rule.

Here are some basics in the world of grammar which you should know about

Relative pronouns. The basic rule is that you use which for a thing, an inanimate object and who for a person. For instance if you said that the man, which ran down the road, was wearing a red shirt, the essay would have a grammatical mistake. Because it is the man we are describing and the sentence should read the man who ran down the road etc.

The use of the apostrophe is a constant error found in so many essays written by students. There is even a name given to a person who does not use the apostrophe correctly. This person is called a TADBE which stands for the apostrophe deserves better. One of the most common grammatical mistakes with the apostrophe is regarding the use of the plural. If you say, “The pack of dogs ran down the road”, dogs is plural. There is no need for an apostrophe. But if you write "The dog's tail" then you must have an apostrophe because it is the possessive case. The tail belongs to the dog. It's the dog's tail and it needs an apostrophe.

Many students do not correctly use certain verbs and adverbs. "I hope to meet you" and not “I hope to meeting you".

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In a case of an essay written on a fast pace, reviewing should not necessarily consume much time. Focus on ensuring all rules are followed, while maintaining the prescribed format of the essay.

There are many books and even more web sites which give free tuition in the correct use of English grammar. It is easy to find these sites and just as easy to do the written exercises they provide.

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