The Main Human Vices According To Christianity

Every religion treats negative sides of human nature differently, defines different treats of charachter as "bad", but every one has a serious punishment for them. Christianity belongs to the religions that belive in life after death and in options to go either to heaven or to hell, depending on how good one behaved during the life on Earth. Hell is the place, where the person get punished for their wrongdoings. Christianity defines the following human vices or sins.

  • Lust. It's a desire that cannot be controlled. It can take any posssible form – a desire for power, sexual relationship, food etc. Basically, it's a wish for something that you don't really need – something, that will be excessive in your life.
  • Gluttony. It's a desire for food, eating more than you need for your organism to function normally, which may result in taking the food away from those, who need it more. The last point may not be true on modern world, but overeating is still a sin.
  • Greed. It's a desire to posess physical objects that bring you wealth, for example, money or goods. Again, it's applicable only in the case, if you want to take more than you actually need for survival, which makes you uneven in regards to other people.
  • Sloth. Physical or spiritual laziness. Physical laziness embraces the not willingless of a person to work based on her needs and live off other people (relatives, friends etc.) with no apparent reason. Spiritual laziness means that the person does not want to go the long and hard way to God.
  • Wrath. Includes feelings of rage and anger the person cannot control. It makes the person desctruct their own personality, hate other people, which can lead to vengeance actions, created to hurt the object of wrath.
  • Envy. One more desire, this time to have a physical object or a trait that other person posesses. It's one of 10 Commandments, written by God and is considered a deadly sin among others. One can never wish for something that belongs to someone else.
  • Pride. The last, but not the least, this vice in considered one of the most serious in Cristianity. It is explained as inability to acknowledge what other people have accomplished and having a position of being the best of all.

These vices are not called "deadly sins" in vain. According to Christianity, a person, who posesses one or more of these qualities, will undergo a serious punishment after death. But, if you think about it, who nowadays doesn't?

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