Kodak Vs. Fujifilm

During the early days, the most dominant film brand was Kodak. People believed that it was the only quality brand of films present. They were thus the market leaders. They were closely followed by Fuji films. These films were slightly lower in cost compared to Kodak films. People did not buy theme at the rate that they bought Kodak films. Kodak was dominant in the market and enjoyed a vast pool of royal customers. It is, however, good to note that these films did not have any superior quality. All the films present in the market then differed slightly. Their quality was so close that you could not tell their difference in the normal prints. Differences could only be seen if you used these films for larger prints. Kodak had however dominated the market and was the only company that had printers. So even if people used different brands of films, they had to use Kodak printers to print their work. This made them dominate the market so much.

New technology

Kodak was the first company to make perforations on the films so that they could not be used for shooting films. This was a strategy for them to remain as the big fishes in both the movie films and still camera films. They were in both areas but separately. By now you can see that Kodak had understood the needs of the customers and thus did things that made them control and retain the customers. However, times were changing. The technology was improving. All this time, Fuji was playing second to Kodak but still struggling to remain in business. Digital photography set in. Kodak was seen as the most favorite to rush in and invest in the new technology. However, this was not the case. Kodak had had great dominance in the market as they had got used to controlling the customers. They thought of doing as usual and retained their still pictures.

Fuji Embraces New Technology

There was a fast change from the mystery printing of pictures. Digital photography no longer needed films. You could take a photo and print it from the screen. People started moving away from using films that involved dangerous printing process. In the meantime, Fuji was thinking of moving into the digital technology. They invented the digital LCD screens. They are now still in business. They have taken over what was Kodak’s field. They can now boast of a large market.

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