Social Media Online Marketing


All age group people are familiar with the use of internet and social media. Marketing on social media is becoming increasingly popular. People use social media like facebook, youtube, linked in etc in order to achieve marketing goals and communication. Also it helps in increasing business and partnership. The following article gives a brief about what is social media online networking, its advantages, disadvantages and future prospects. Social media online marketing can prove to be a boon for companies if used with caution.

Social Media Online Marketing

The twentieth century is also known as ‘The world of technologies’. Internet is a part of technology which has reached even the smallest part in the world. With innovations internet can not only be used in computers or laptops but also in mobile phones and tablets. Social media has become one of the most interesting parts of internet. Any computer based tools that allow people to exchange, share information, ideas, videos, pictures etc. are referred to as social media. Twitter, facebook, youtube, linked in, google+ are few examples of the social media. The popularity of social media has reached its peak. Thus, taking advantage of it people have started marketing their business on such social media. The term social media marketing can be described as use of various social media networks in order to achieve marketing goals and communications. It is considered to be a part of internet marketing. In this essay we will be featuring advantages, few factual details regarding online marketing, disadvantages as well as its future.

The young age generation is very much familiar with the use of the social media. Marketing on social media not only helps in creating brand identity but also helps in creating awareness about that brand. It helps in communicating and interacting with audiences and potential customers. The main advantage is that it helps in removing geographical limitations. For an instance a shop located in a small city can make its name in the whole world with the help of online marketing. Thus, it generates opportunities in business. It can also lead to increase in subscribers and traffic. It can improve search ratings and generate leads. It can create new business partnerships. The expenses spent on marketing can be reduced as it doesn’t require door to door marketing. Online marketing can interest public as one can post various pictures, videos, virtual tours etc. It can create excellent opportunities for marketing new developments and innovations. Thus, eventually it leads to increase in sales and higher amounts of profit.

93% companies have used social media as a marketing tool. A direct relationship exists between the amount of years and time spent on social media for marketing. More the amount of years spent on social media marketing, more the time spent. It is found that time spent my young generation is more as compared to other age groups.

Every coin has two sides. In the same way, social media online marketing also has pros and cons. The main disadvantage is lack of face to face communication. The emotional connection between customer and seller is missing. Hence, people find it difficult to develop trust and faith in company. Resources are needed to develop and manage social media marketing. The investments made in online marketing cannot be quantified easily. Hence, one cannot say the exact amount of profit made from it. The risk of negative publicity also beholds. It can lead to bad branding and ultimately to losses.

In spite of disadvantages, I believe that future of marketing lies through social media. I strongly believe disadvantages can be easily taken care of. A company needs strong planning, resources, skilled people and attention seeker advertisement to attract customers. Services and response provided by company in future will help in developing trust and faith in people. Finally would like to end my essay by saying that social media online marketing can be definitely a boon to the companies.

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