Aboriginal Treatment In Australia

The human race has settled all over the world. From out of Africa we have traveled to every continent and picked up new features along the way. Although in many ways resembling African people, the Aborigines of Australia are far more closely related to the Asian populations of the countries nearby. The climate resembled that of Africa very closely so that over time darker skin and curlier hair evolved as part of the phenotype again. This made them much easier to tell apart from the new settlers on the continent from Europe. Most of these were prisoners who had been exiled from their home countries for serious crimes. The culture of the time taught that people of European descent were inherently superior to those of other races. As a result, the following injustices took place:

Theft of land and resettlement

If the settlers had arrived in a country where there was a legal system similar to the one they had left thy might have felt more obligated to act with care but as it was, they took the land they felt was best and treated the indigenous population terribly. For centuries they were listed under flora and fauna rather than as actual people much less citizens. Without rights they were able to be subjected to vile abuses and because the people who came to their land had better weapons it was not possible to overthrow them.

Attempts at whitewashing

There were attempts at creating white Aborigines through interbreeding with Europeans. The intention was to create a place where there were no more visible traces of the country’s original inhabitants. As part of this process, babies who had lighter skin either from being mixed or some genetic quirk were taken from their families to be raised in white homes. Many of these children were also abused because their caregivers did not see them as truly human. Some of these children are alive still and the stories they tell of their experiences are harrowing.

Persistent discrimination

The indigenous people have more rights now than they ever have since Europeans arrived but it is hard to break a habit of discrimination. They are still marginalized, less likely to be hired, considered criminal by nature and many other things by a sizable quantity of the population.

The treatment meted out to these people is not unique in the world. Many countries have a minority group that is treated unfairly by a powerful majority.

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