Religion In America

There was once a time when almost all the countries were known for their religious values. A certain state was known as a Christian State as it harbored a majority of that religion and this was true for all the other states with their own respective religions. However, over the years, this has truly evolved. Countries like America, Canada, Australia and several others now hold individuals that belong to various religions and all reside together under the flag of a single nation.

Over the years the concept of religion in American has also evolved drastically. Several researches have conducted to see how things work in 21st century in one of the leading parts of the world. Statistics have claimed and proven that the U.S. is now a place where individuals belonging to different religions have lived for more than a decade now. A 16% rise was recorded in the year 2007. However, the 23% rise in 2014 was far more surprising and showed the diversity of religion that now existed there. Several other things were also brought to light regarding religion in America, such as:

  • Several American-born individuals have shifted religions over the year. Many researchers took it upon themselves to see how many individuals changed their religion and a 34% increase was observed. Previously, the U.S. was known as a country where whites were born and bred. However, now it is the most racially and culturally diverse state of the world. It has become a place to live for several Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Adventists, the Evangelicals and many others.
  • Very recently the concept of religion took a slight turn in the U.S. with the advent of same sex marriages. Initially, the idea was just supported but now it has been legalized throughout the Nation. If an astounding 24% is the gay community looking to marry, stats have reported that a large 82% of the Nation supports the concept without any reservations.
  • The concept of abortion was also brought to light in the State and several individuals reportedly claimed that the process should be legalized. However at the same time, there is a large percentage that still holds the belief that it should remain illegal considering it goes against religion.
  • Americans also observed that due to the increase in religious diversity in their state, their political decisions are also influenced by this concept. Several individuals have been voted for and against in political matters keeping the growth of religious diversity in mind.

Hence, it can be claimed, that though several matters are being considered as legal issues despite being rooted in religion, there are also several matters still under alteration based on religious matters.

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