Creating A Response Essay Based On In Praise Of The F Word

In praise of the F word is a delightful essay by Mary Sherry which brings to light the academic facet of today’s life. It is actually an evolution; students of 2-3 generations ago faced the same premise.

  • The writer encapsulates the problem that average students face in school through a classic example. She uses a trump card in the sense she mentions it is her son’s story; thereby making the example personal; something that readers may identify with better.
  • She then takes us through the pertinent fact of school that it is often the case of leading a flock of goats to a preconceived destination; coursing through the syllabus. There is hardly any concern whether the students have caught the essence or not.
  • She enlightens how this trait makes students feel deflated about studies and feel that they have missed on a few crucial lessons. Yet they somehow pass through their exams since there again is hardly any thought spared on individual conditioning.
  • Where they fail is in the practical implementation of their learning in their vocations. The reason is simple; they have learned precious little and do not literally know how to chart their schooner. It is then that they get to feel they could have done better with failure.
  • It is unclear whether the F word is flunk or failure. It surely is not what you may be thinking right now. The writer brings a brilliant exposition to the standard of education; the choice of failure. Should the students be given the right to flunk till they absorb the concept? Should the schools begin to think of individual conditioning; of giving the chance to students to learn in a phrased manner?
  • By flunking a student, the teacher gives a direct clue that she is keeping an eye on him. Therein he moves out of the flock and becomes desperate to do better. This is perhaps dramatically better than passing each student with average marks and not giving them a chance to revive.
  • The failure, in this sense, is more that of teachers than the students. The latter, after all, are raw and can only be depended to think in a limited sphere. They have to be shown the shown the way by teachers.

A recommended piece

This crisp and succinct essay winds up a sensitive academic issue with a footnote to readers. Are they paying individual attention to their kids? Are they connecting with teachers to find a way for their kids? Are they giving them the chance to flunk? Think!

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