Creating An Exploratory Essay Introduction: Guidelines And Examples

Students across the world tend to avoid writing their academic assignments because they are lengthy and complicated in nature. Even though essay writing is a basic task that does not involve much effort, students still look for someone to help them or give them some guidelines. It is in a way good, because instead of writing your paper in the wrong style or structure, you can always ask for help. If you are hesitant to ask your professor or teacher, it is not a big deal. Many students feel shy in asking their professor to guide them with the paper. They think that the teacher might not help them out because they already gave a detailed lecture on the subject and guidelines. Remember one thing, no teacher will ever deny to teach you about something in your syllabus unless you give him or her very strong reason not to.

If you still think you can ask your teacher for the advice, do not worry. You can use many other sources to help you guide in writing the best essay for your school. It is important for you to come up with a great paper if you want to score better in the assignment. You need to come up with a great topic and something that is objective. You cannot base your neutral essay on a topic that takes sides. An exploratory assignment requires you to search and explore the topic from various points. You do not have to develop any stance or take any side. You do not need to convince anyone of anything but only pen down necessary information about the subject or topic. This paper is more like an article and different from ordinary essay writing. If you are to write a great introduction for your paper, then you need to keep the following points in your mind

  1. You need to present your ideas and topic to the reader in a way that they can stay interested in finding out more about the subject
  2. Give your readers a clear idea of what they will find in the body of the paper
  3. Show what do you want to achieve with this paper and why this is important
  4. Include your thesis statement by the end of the introduction paragraph. You may not include one if you do not want to, this is optional
  5. Clearly tell the reader what is the basic purpose and aim of this paper

Read an example of this type of paper if you still need further direction and guidelines

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