Bio Warfare in Korea

Despite the fact that the US government has denied it, there still remains suspicion among many that biological warfare took place in Korea during the fifties. There is compelling evidence that suggests this to be true, but before it can be properly investigated, a decent amount of background information is needed. After that, we will look at allegations suggesting that the US military tested countless bio weapons on Koreans, and how we as the public should respond to such allegations.


Due to divisions in Korea caused by WWII, North Korea and South Korea butted heads with each other in the fifties. The US government—being an anti-communist nation—decided to intervene in favour of South Korea after military forces from North Korea began attacking their Southern neighbours. However, it is now suspected that the US’s involvement in South Korea’s war may have had other motives. Did the US government see this as an opportunity to run bio weapon tests on the communist population of North Korea?

Korea as a test subject

Evidence suggests that North Korea was experimented on by the US using biological weapons. The US military has done its best to squash this evidence using two methods. The first is to simply destroy all documents related to these incidents, and deny any involvement in them. The second is to put out loads of false information out on the internet so as to steer conspiracy theorists away from the truth. However, eye witness accounts and medical reports indicate that something did happen, and that no one has yet been held accountable for it.

Where to from here?

As in any war, information is the strongest weapon. If simple people like you and me just broadcast this information, the US government will be forced to accountability. The evidence is stacked together and available for investigation for anyone who is willing to take the time to do so. However, it would be easy for the US government to now blame the individuals involved in these crimes, rather than own up as an entity that they knew about it. It was after all almost 70 years ago, so it’s water under the bridge—right?

It is suggested that every one of us who becomes aware of the US military’s involvement in biological warfare experiments in Korea will make our awareness known. The point in this is to prevent it from happening again in another country; or worse, our own.

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