How To Organize A Comparative Essay In A Proper Way: General Guidelines

In order to properly organize a comparative essay there are some general guidelines that you should try and follow, which will be explained in the following article. Before that, however, it can be useful to explain briefly what the purpose of this form of academic paper is – essentially, you will need to look at two or more topics and compare the similarities and differences that exist between those topics.

What sections need to be included?

As with many other academic papers that you might have written, a comparative paper will need to include three main sections – the introduction, the body section and the conclusion.

  • The introduction will be used to tell the reader about the different topics that you will be discussing. You should also make it clear what kind of paper you are writing – so you should explain that you will be comparing these different topics. You might also wish to include details of why you are comparing them, as well as possibly a brief hypothesis, although this isn’t necessary if you don’t want to include one.
  • The body section will include any of the comparisons that you make and will ultimately be the longest section of your paper.
  • The final section – the conclusion – will refer back to the points that you have made in the body section, and will try and determine how similar or different the topics are, based on the points that you raised. If you made a hypothesis then you may wish to refer to this, and how valid it was.

How to organize the body section

The body section of your paper will contain a number of different paragraphs – the exact number of which will depend largely on a word limits or other restrictions and requirements that you may have been told to follow. Each of the paragraphs should outline a new point, and you may wish to try and organise them so that any similarities are paired with related differences, where possible.

Formatting the work

The final thing that you might have to do is to format the work. Students will often (but not always) be asked to write the work according to a particular format and, therefore, it is important to check to see whether the work follows those instructions, including details such as how any citations are written, as well as what fonts are used, and a variety of other instructions.

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