Interesting Ideas For Composing A Strong Essay On Cyber Bullying

Obviously if you are keen on writing about cyber bullying (which is a very hot topic now!), you need to be able to articulate your thoughts properly so that you could deliver a very strong and persuasive argument. That might be difficult though, especially if you don’t have any prior knowledge in the field! That’s why you need quite a few different ideas and compile them together so that you can write a great essay! That would definitely require some effort, but it would be worth it!

Personal experience (hopefully you don’t have any!!)

This does not apply to everyone, but obviously if you have some experience of being cyber bullied then you can certainly talk about that in your essay. Having some personal experience would make your work a lot more persuasive and it sends a much stronger message to the reader. However, I do appreciate that not everyone has the experience of it (and hopefully will never) and therefore this is not exactly necessary.

Research (can be online, offline or through books)

It is important that you conduct some research online. Look at how people cyber bully others and what are the reasons behind bullying others. Do they get any sort of satisfaction? Or are they simply bored and would like to cause some malicious effects on others? It would be a rather interesting point to strengthen your argument further.

Interview someone (bullies and the bullied)

If possible, you should definitely conduct an interview with someone who has had past experience of being cyber bullied. That would bring a lot of power to your essay and you can tell your reader that you are serious about what you are saying. You would also demonstrate a strong sense of justice! Also, you could also interview people who used to cyber bully others and ask them about their thoughts. Again, this would add some weighting to your work and it would just make it sound more convincing as well. That’s why you see news article interview people all the time!

Get statistics (hard facts!)

Nothing beats statistics because they are facts! However, you are going to have to interpret them properly if you are going to make your essay look more professional. Misinterpreting statistics would be a rookie mistake and you should avoid it!

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