How To Write A Good Problem Solution Essay Outline: Tips And Examples

As its name suggests, problem solution essays attempt to explain a certain problem. Then, the writer has to research and provide a detailed plan on how the problem can be solved. It may sound easy, however it requires a lot of thoughts and experience to write a phenomenal problem solution essay. That is precisely why it has to start with the initial stages; write an outline.

Your Goals

There are several main objectives that you have to meet in order to write a compelling essay. Your objectives are to:

  • Appeal to the reader and grab their interest
  • Explain that your problem is worth investigating and requires a solution
  • Come up with a detailed and organized solution
  • Support your own solution and state that it is better than other solutions

With these goals in mind, you should have a clearer direction of where you want your paper to be. Identify a problem and come up with a solution, which is what you need to achieve. After setting your goals, you have to plan the structure of your paper.

Introduction of Your Essay

The first step is to state the problem and explain to your readers why does it need to be solved. Most importantly, you must be able to convince your readers that it is a valid problem.

Some ideas for identifying a problem:

  • Case Study
  • Personal experience
  • Statistics linked to the proposed problem

In you introduction, you must be able to paint an image to your readers and describe the problems extensively.

Main Body of Your Essay

The main body should consist of three key points:

  • Your solution
  • Explain how the solution can solve the problem
  • Propose the action plan
  • Provide evidence that your solution has a reasonable chance of success

In the main body, you must be able to discuss the solution in multiple dimensions. One-sided arguments are not convincing to your readers. Try and explain how it will solve the problem and whether it is cost effective. Most importantly, you must figure out a way to implement the solution; feasibility is a key as well.

Structure it in a logical and balanced manner and that is first step to delivering a top-class paper.

Conclusion of Your Essay

Your conclusion should be brief and concise. It should summarise your findings and convince your readers that your solution is the ‘best’. To close your argument strongly, you should suggest what your readers could do, provide relevant data and give real life examples. Theory is important, but it must be able to apply it as well.

I hope this is helpful to you and provide some insights in writing your problem solution essay.

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