The Top 20 Best Ideas For Argumentative And Persuasive Essay Topics

You have to convince someone that your point of view is correct or that they must take a certain course of action. This is the whole purpose of an argumentative or a persuasive essay. You must use logic and reason in order to convince your reader that the point you are making is valid. You must be like a lawyer making his case to a jury; in order to fight your corner you must be well-informed as to your subject. Confidence in your point of view must coat all your words.

  • First make sure you have all your facts straight – Always ensure that your evidence was found in legitimate sources.
  • Both statistics and quotes from experts in the field can give your evidence a much needed boost in credibility.
  • Define your argument closely – too open a thesis statement will be almost impossible to prove.
  • Order your evidence – put the strongest argument first, the weakest argument second, and the second strongest evidence in the third body paragraph.
  • Make sure that you present the opposing viewpoint, but explain why it is incorrect using your evidence.
  • State your conclusions – if anyone objects to your evidence or criticizes your paper, then think of it as learning how to make a stronger case with firmer evidence.

A few ideas to get you started

  1. Banning smoking in public parks. Which side would you take?
  2. Would putting a “sin” tax on fatty foods be a good idea?
  3. Is genetically modified food still the same food?
  4. Celebrities who break the law should get off more lightly.
  5. Should parenting courses be mandatory before having children?
  6. Banning schools from raising funds by selling junk food would be a good idea.
  7. In order to prevent accidents in multi-country science collaborations would America converting to metric be a good idea?
  8. Is the crack-down on civil liberties a necessary consequence of the War on Terror?
  9. Are we too reliant on technology?
  10. Zoos are the best place to continue wildlife conservation.
  11. Are more students cheating?
  12. Can cash bonuses create good test results?
  13. Is school the best place for an education?
  14. Should the school day be lengthened?
  15. Would making everyone talk online in their own identity prevent cyberbullying?
  16. Cell phones should be used as a classroom aid.
  17. Is there enough “diversity” on American TV?
  18. Should photoshopped images be banned?
  19. Cheerleading should be an Olympic sport
  20. What moral obligations do leaders have?

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