8 Key Things To Remember Looking For Essay Examples

There are a few simple things that you should bear in mind when you are looking for essay examples. This can be applied to any type of essay examples. For some of these tips you may need to become a detective and think like a teacher in order to find ‘good examples’.

  1. Good examples. You need to have some knowledge about what makes a good example of an essay. The way to do this is checking with your tutor what qualities make a good example. They may have already have given you some examples so you may be able to apply that knowledge to other examples.
  2. Construction. Make sure that the paper follows the standards of construction. Whatever the type of paper it needs to have an Introduction, Main and Conclusion. It also needs to have a logical progression of ideas and paragraphs should follow standardised construction.
  3. Level/grade. If you are looking for an example that illustrates a particular grade or level then you need to make sure that is the case. You don’t need an example that is passed off as ‘outstanding’ when it would find difficulty being marked as ‘poor’ when matched to the curriculum you are studying.
  4. Topic. The paper example should have a current topic as its focus. This is really important as essays that are constantly reworked can be boring and uninteresting no matter how they are dressed up.
  5. Facts. This may seem a little odd, but facts do need to be checked. Sometimes they are inaccurate and are exaggerated for effect and other times the facts may have been updated.
  6. Referenced. If the work is referenced has it been referenced accurately? Has the reference style been acknowledged throughout the piece essay example or has any acknowledgement to the referencing style been minimal?
  7. Annotated. If the paper example is annotated then probably a really useful learning tool, as you will not only be able to see where the piece of work meets or does not meet set standards, but you will also get to see where improvements could be made. This could be a great learning situation both as a writer and as a critical reader.
  8. Free. This has got to be one of the most important things to look for in an essay example. To get free essay examples you may have to sign up to the web-site to receive emails and updates, but if they get tiresome you can always opt out. If the website asks for your card or bank details than they are not free.

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