Ten Effective Academic Essay Writing Tips For University Students

  1. Check past papers for topic ideas
  2. To help you think of ideas for topics to write about, it can be a good idea to look over any past papers that are been written by other students. Your university may be able to provide some of these, otherwise, you can look online for any that you can download.

  3. Use brainstorming techniques to think of a title
  4. As well as looking at past papers, you may wish to consider using various brainstorming techniques to narrow down a title for your essay.

  5. Create a plan before you start any work
  6. Once you have an idea in mind, you should plan the essay writing process as fully as possible, so as to ensure that you are organised and will complete the work by the deadline.

  7. Remove distractions whilst doing the work
  8. Whilst writing your dissertation, you should turn off your mobile phone and other distractions. This will give you the motivation you need to complete the work, and will help you to concentrate.

  9. Allow plenty of time for breaks
  10. Whilst making your plan, you should allow enough time to take breaks. This will help to ensure that your brain doesn’t become overloaded, which can reduce productivity.

  11. Research more about the essay style that you are writing
  12. If you have been asked to write your work based on a particular essay style, then it is a good idea to research this before writing, and perhaps even buy a writing guide for that particular style.

  13. Use topic sentences for extra clarity
  14. Topic sentences are a great way of providing extra clarity to your paper, and ensure that readers have a better understanding of what each paragraph will be about.

  15. Do not include any new points in the conclusion
  16. When it comes to the conclusion, you should examine any points or arguments that you have made in the other sections, and not bring up anything new at this point.

  17. Ensure you include references and citations
  18. In order to back up any points or arguments you make, you should include references and citations. Equally, if you have included any quotations or content that someone wrote, then you will need references and citations to avoid being penalised for plagiarism.

  19. Pay someone to check the work
  20. Finally, you need to proofread and edit the work once it has been written. To ensure this is done to a high standard, you may wish to consider paying a professional to do it for you.

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