How Being An Only Child Is A Boon

Siblings are a blessing most of the times. While a lot of children without siblings complain of being all alone, there are a lot of perks attached to being an only child.

Everything Is Mine

Everything that they have or their parents do is theirs. They do not need to share anything. Although this may have the effect that they do not grow up to be sharing individuals but you can be that way even if you have siblings. This is more dependent on how you have been raised rather than being an only child.

All Attention Is Mine

An only child gets all the attention in the world. Since the parents do not have other children, they do not have to fight for attention. This means that they are more confident about themselves and their qualities. Kids who are confident from an early age are more popular and thus, have an easier life in school, and later on.

Get the Best of Everything

This holds true not just in terms of toys and presents but an only child also gets a much better education than if he/she had siblings. This is because the overall affordability of parents increases since they only have one child to support.

More Independent

People with siblings have a natural tendency to depend on them for various reasons. This creates a certain level of dependency in them forever. However, single children learn to live on their own. This makes them more independent emotionally and thus, stronger also. Moreover, since all hopes are dependent on them, they are used to pressure more than children with siblings.

No Competition

Single children do not have an over smart elder sibling they are constantly compared to. Or for that matter a younger superstar overachiever of a sibling you could never be. With no competition, no matter what you do, you are the star.

More Socially Active

Since an only child does not have a mate to play with at home in the form of a sibling, they are more socially active. This is especially advantageous in later years when you enter the practical life and need contacts for a lot of reasons.

Less Strain on Economy

With the earth becoming more and more populated every day, having an only child means you are straining less of the Earth’s resources. Also, you are actually helping in controlling the population explosion.

With the above arguments, being an only child can be considered quite fruitful in the long run.

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