Great Topics And Examples For Creating A Good Descriptive Essay

When you are given an assignment to complete a descriptive essay, you will need to create a powerful topic that can showcase your abilities. There are many generic topics, like describing your bedroom or an event you attended, but powerful descriptive essays have so much more to them. The best ones are written about people, places, or things that require a collection of vivid words and phrases. They not only include a description, but what was learned from the person, place, or thing; this is what makes the essay interesting for the reader. The first step to writing a powerful descriptive essay is choosing a good topic. Here are some ideas:

  • Describe the perfect road trip
  • Describe the worst nightmare
  • Describe the perfect vacation destination
  • Describe a gorgeous garden
  • Describe what a friendship really is
  • Describe the perfect marriage
  • Describe the perfect place to relax
  • Describe what happens in your mind during a hot yoga class
  • Describe the best tasting food you have ever eaten
  • Describe your favorite restaurant
  • Describe what it feels like to fall in love
  • Describe your new car, without using the sense of sight
  • Describe the beach
  • Describe the most memorable birthday party you have attended
  • Describe your favorite book
  • Describe your favorite sport to play
  • Describe what you do when you see a spider in your home
  • Describe how you drive on a snowy, slippery day
  • Describe your favorite hobby.
  • Describe what you do when you wait in line

Pick a Topic that You Can Explain to People

Descriptive essays do not need to be about topics that your audience has never heard of. Many of the best topics are the ones that you know about and you can write about passionately and with appropriately used keywords. Readers love to learn about small events in their favorite authors’ lives, so be sure that you write an interesting piece that really shows what it is like during these events. Your topics should be things that are comfortable to write about, too.

Write for Your Audience

The world of essay writing has opened up dramatically with the advent of the Internet. Instead of waiting to see events performed, readers want to enjoy learning through the eyes of their writers. Simple stories about everyday things, people, and places draw your readers right to you, so they learn about how you react to unexpected assignments, like descriptive essays.

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