Components Of The Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is the practices in which social control and crime mitigation is sustained. The system is a combination of different roles and people who seek to control and lessen crime, in order to maintain societal and social stability. This system is made up of several different components. These components are absolutely critical, and usually are comprised of five different factors: Law enforcement, prosecution, attorneys, courts, and corrections.

The components:

  • Law Enforcement: These officers, usually police officers, take the submitted reports for crimes. These officers take reports usually on a local scale, often by county, in the United States. They investigate the crimes and the precursors to statements and reports and look to gather evidence.
  • Prosecution: Prosecutors are lawyers who represent the party in which is not the victim. This means that they work for different levels of the government, and in turn process and review evidence given. With their knowledge and expertise, the prosecution may choose to either drop or press charges, or offer plea bargains.
  • Defense Attorneys: Defense attorneys act as the opposing side to prosecutors. While prosecutors look to charge offenders, defense attorneys look to protect them and represent the defendant. Defense attorneys are either hired, or assigned by the court to those facing trial.
  • Courts: Courts are where rulings are made and decided who is guilty, or whether anyone is guilty at all. Judges run the courts and they play an essential role to enforce and ensure the law is abided by and just. While juries often make the decision in most cases, judges may over-rule when they see the grounds fit, and place their own arrangements.
  • Corrections: Correctional officers and facilities seek to supervise those who are convicted of crimes. Whether the offender is in jail, prison, or sentenced to a different type of correction as their verdit, the corrections aspect of the justice system works to ensure that the offenders are not committing any crimes or violating their agreements.
  • Corrections officers play an essential role in the justice system by overseeing the daily custody of offenders and those convicted.

The criminal justice system consists of three main factors: the legislative, courts, and corrections. These agencies operate to ensure lawful activity is conducted, and when unlawful activity is conducted, that it is rightfully dealt with through the justice system to maintain a civilized society with upstanding morals and ethics. It is important to be aware of all the steps and aspects of the justice system, and to be aware of what is legal and what is not.

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