Females In Society

The bodies of male and female animals of a single species are different. Humans follow this trend and while those differences are not as stark as those between peacocks and peahens, in general the gender a person identifies with can be determined through a cursory visual inspection while fully clothed. These differences are fairly minor yet they have been the basis of centuries of discriminatory thought and action against women and girls. This essay looks at various stages of treatment to females in society.

In antiquity

When humans first formed tribes, sexual division of labor occurred fairly naturally. Due to the extra testosterone that males bodies produce, they tend to be larger and more aggressive than females. This makes them particularly effective at hunting and in battle. Females who did not have enough males around for protection were vulnerable to outsiders and starvation. They would therefore engage in tasks of gathering, tending livestock and child-rearing. Their hormones make nurturing easier. As societies matured, people relied less on brute force to acquire things yet males continued to hold an imbalanced level of power. Laws were structured by men to protect their own superiority.

In modern times

In the last few hundred years, great strides were made in the advancement of women’s positions. The right to vote, for instance ushered in a slew of other rights as female voters were able to lobby for changes that could improve their lives. In many countries, women are now able to sue employers for sexual harassment and take maternity leave if they happen to be pregnant while employed. These and other achievements are steps in the right direction but more work remains to be done. It is still common for men to earn more than women who do the same job. Women also tend to be portrayed in overly sexualized ways in print media and no end to that seems near.

In the future

The issues that plague women may be addressed sooner than we think. The countries that currently expose young girls to hostility when they attempt to get an education are receiving pressure to adjust their stance. Trans-women are also slowly becoming more visible in society so their rights too may be recognized eventually but all these things take time.

As with any movement to change things that others have grown comfortable with, feminism will need time to achieve its goal of equality.

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