Composing A Reflective Essay On Effective Communication In Nursing

Composing a reflective essay on effective communication in nursing can be difficult for some. Producing this style of paper will need the basic steps taught and some variations on the way it is written. When writing most types of papers, it is taught to come up with a thesis and explain, in the most informative and clear way, what it is. This style of paper consists of reflections made on the subject including emotions and experiences on the matter. The difference in this introduction is in your own way summarizing the conclusion. Having the room to produce your experiences without concern of facts opens the door for that all important creativity.

Emotion is more crucial than facts

To say no facts does not mean it is not true. Everyone sees and feels different things when looking at the same thing. The better you are at putting these things down on paper, the more interesting your work will be. Imagination and memory are two strengths that must be paid close attention to. In the world of nursing there is a lot of turmoil and confusion in a life and death situation. Sometimes the difference between saving and losing a life is a very fine line.

Effective communication is crucial

The ability to clearly hear instructions or the patient’s needs can be drowned out in the confusion. Working with a regular staff can be a plus when you know the skills of the other personnel. Descriptions of the injuries are a must for not only the nurse but the doctor. The skill of recalling what you see can be very important in order to keep the patient alive.

Life as a nurse

Explaining how uncomfortable it was in the beginning, working with new staff and injuries, will automatically bring up memories and emotions felt by you personally. There will not be a shortage of sight, smells, and sounds that only a nurse could know and understand. Dealing with the sick and dying is working with man at its worst. Learning the skill of carrying on conversations with these types of people only makes you a stronger and better person. Explain how you felt and worked around these individuals in the beginning and how you handled same situations at this point in your career. People whose scenarios have led them to a visit to a hospital can be very weary of the kind of treatment they receive from personnel. The ability to look back and describe all of those experiences in your own way will make the interest of the reader while they are reading, but will remember those insights well after they have finished. Composing a reflective essay will help others appreciate what nurses go through.

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