The Runaway Bunny

The runaway bunny is sweat story written by Margret Wise Brown and exemplified by Clement Hurd. The story involves an imaginative plan of a tiny snow-white bunny who wanted to run away from her mother. The story involves cause and effect style which vividly describes thoughts of the bunny.

The Scope of the Runaway Bunny

No matter how hard the tinny bunny attempts to run away, her mother always come up with a way to get him and watch over him. Her mother always matches the imaginations of the bunny through been whatever is required to find him. For instance, when tiny bunny imagines of becoming a fish, her mother would become a fisherman, if he becomes a rock, her mother would become mountain climber and if he becomes a flower, her mother would become a gardener. The tiny bunny therefore lacked a way he could use to run away from her mother because her mother would still find him and keep an eye on him.

Significance of the Runaway Bunny

The style of cause and effect Margret Wise Brown used in writing the Runaway Bunny can be incorporated into classroom lessons with ease. This style helps students to understand that in every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction force and the consequences depends on the nature of the action. In the runaway story, it is the love of the mother that spoils the imaginary plans of the tiny bunny of running away from her mother.

Through reading the Runaway Bunny with the students, the teacher can creatively portray her most inner emotions just like the mother of the tinny bunny showed in her responds on what she would do if the tinny bunny was to do all his imaginations. This kind of reading can easily draw the interest of all students and assist them to understand the Runaway Bunny story in a better way.

For instance, the teacher can change facial expression and tone in responses, when the tinny bunny reveals his imaginative plans to run away, like “if you run away, I'll run after you” his mother affirmed, “Because you're my small bunny” or when the tinny bunny says “if you ran after me, I will become a fish in a huge stream and swim away from you.” The mother says, “If you become a fish in huge stream, I will become a fisherman and will fish you out.”

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