A List Of The Most Inspiring Persuasive Essay Topics For College

Writing thesis statements and dissertations can be time-consuming but it can also be a joy. Finding the balance between a lot of work and joy can provide some of the most highly rated essay topics that have been written. In terms of what is researched anyway.  Some persuasive arguments for thesis statements can go a long way. Making a case for something that is just flat out interesting can always land some higher grades. This is a list of some of the most persuasive arguments that are popular all over the internet that have been liked and thought about quite a bit.

  • Parking and coffee should be included in college tuition fee. This is an example of a thesis that basically took an idea and including addiction into its clause for paying for college. A clever idea that many college students would probably agree with.
  • Little people are less offensive than dwarf of midget. This is a play on connotations that have people being called by their physical appearance. While clever, the argument would be completely subjective to the individual making it a thesis statement that can carry some weight.
  • Playing video games can raise you IQ. This statement takes the assumptions that video games wreck your brain and makes it seem like not playing video games ill hurt you more than actually playing. Clever and clearly bias, but a thesis statement with its own opinion is part of what makes it persuasive.
  • Children of divorced parents should the right to divorce their parents. A clear statement from people who just want to be seen. However, given children rights and discussing their own situation clearly comes from a personal point of view.
  • Why the drinking age should be lowered. A persuasive argument that has been around for a long  time. This argument takes a typical law and adds their own idea into it about wanting the drinking age to be lowered and to anyone who’s had a drink, is thought worthy. But ultimately, people who want drinks anyway always find them. So, this could be true

This list of persuasive and yet cunning arguments that have people thinking in college are common and inspirational points that come from a more self-desired theme. Each thesis is demonstrated with a point and takes an experience and drags it into a longer statement.


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