The 20 Best Informative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

It’s hard to find a topic for an essay. You spend hours looking around, trying to find inspiration or an idea. The clock ticks away as you stare at a blank computer screen or a blank sheet of paper. We had those moments. Middle school student standards are becoming higher, and the stress of finding a suitable topic to impress the teacher is becoming more common among students. Here are 20 informative essay topics to help those middle school students write an excellent essay.

  1. Hip-Hop Artists
  2. To some, they are role models. People buy their CDs, watch their videos, and want their lifestyle. Kids look up to these stars and want to be them, but why? What is the appeal? Are these men and women really good role models?

  3. Computer Viruses
  4. Just about, everyone has a computer at home. Schools have computers. We live in a digital age where everything is online and accessible through the internet. At one point or another you heard the word computer virus when your PC breaks down. What is a computer virus? How is a computer virus created? How does it affect your PC?

  5. The Great Depression
  6. How did it happen? Why did it happen? How did World War 2 help the United States out of it? Can it happen again?

  7. The Holocaust
  8. A dark time in the world’s history. Who started it? Why? What is the holocaust?

  9. Titanic
  10. The movie gives an ok representation on what happen to it. Who invented it? Why did it sink? Why is it still at the bottom of the ocean?

  11. Shakespeare
  12. Who is he? How did his writing and plays last so long? Why is he famous? Why is his work popular in schools?

  13. Skateboarding
  14. Why do kids like skateboarding? Why is it popular? Who invented it? Why can’t you skateboard anywhere?

  15. Michael Jordan
  16. When was he born? Why did he get into basketball? Why is he considered one of the greatest players who played the game?

  17. Martin Luther King
  18. Why is he so important? Why is his speech important? Who is he?

  19. Michael Jackson
  20. Why is he the king of pop? When did he start singing? Why is he so popular?

  21. IPhone
  22. Who invented it? How did it revolutionize cell phones? How did it change people’s lives?

  23. Halloween
  24. Why is it so mysterious? Why is it a holiday? How did it get started? Why do people dress up in costumes?

  25. Steve Jobs
  26. Who is he? Why is his name important? How did he change the world?

  27. Friendship
  28. Why is friendship important? How do we choose our friends?

  29. Bullying
  30. Why is bullying bad? How does it affect us? Why does it happen?

  31. Eating Healthy
  32. Why is it important? What foods are healthy?

  33. Smoking
  34. Why is smoking bad? How does it harm you? How do you quit?

  35. Soccer
  36. Who invented soccer? Why in some places, it is called football? Why is it popular?

  37. Black holes
  38. What is a black hole? How does it form? What happens if you go in?

  39. Abraham Lincoln
  40. Why is he relevant to United States history? Who is he?

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