Art History

It is the study of objects or sculptures of art in the historical development and is often symbolized by design, style, genre and format. Generally it follows two modes of art. One is the major art, and another is the minor art. The Major art consist of the total architecture of a particular object whereas the minor art is the ceramics and other decorative objects.

Art History also defines a detailed analysis of particular object or sculpture.

This analysis also relied by the art historians through the help of several other techniques which includes Psychoanalysis and Iconography. Before The World War 2, there was no improvement of the photographic reproduction and other printing techniques but later it got technologically advanced and thus it helped the analysis much more easy. Such technologies have enabled the comparison of objects.

Art history follows some methodologies and it examines the work of art in the context of world within which it was created. The historians follows some approach of that particular work, likely, its overall structure that consist of shape, color, texture and its composition, and the approach determines how the artist is going to create his/her art. The way each individual element is treated results in representational and non-representational. It said to be representational only when an artist imitates a object closer to its accuracy or perfection and its said to be non-representational only when the artist is not imitating, instead, relying on symbolism and trying to strive to capture nature essence rather than copying it directly, which is also known as abstract.

There are two terms : Impressionism and Expressionism

Impressionism says that the style that is not directly copied but somehow it creates “impression” of nature and on the other side if the work represents the expressions of an artist’s feelings or from which its been imitated directly, then its said to be expressionism.

There are lots of new ways that are responsible for producing new object and out of them the iconographical analysis is the one that focuses on particular design of an object that helps in close reading of elements, and it is possible to draw conclusions and trace their lineage.

These methods enabled by this modern techniques helps to build an active development and promises to include qualitative approaches which can emphasize the narrative, dramatic and emotional characteristics of history and art.

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