Child Abuse Creates Monsters In Today's Society

The current trends show that children today are the worst hit by the menace of abuse and assault. Unfortunately, the people that are abusing and assaulting children are the adults that are supposed to be taking care of them. You will be surprised to note that most of the cases that are reported do not happen in the streets as the children are heading home but rather in their homes. The place where children and the society would consider safe and place of comfort is now a living hell for most of the children. For some of the kids, they are safer at school or out in the streets than they feel in their homes. This kind of statistics is sickening. You are left to worried, what kind of a world we are living in?

Causes of the rampant child abuse

The society today has a lot of issues of concern that has led to the increase in the number of children being abused. We are rearing monsters but all in the name of constitutional rights. Parents can get divorced anytime now unlike in the past times. After divorce parents sue for custody and once they have them they move on to get married. Young girl children are left with their step parents as their mothers go for errands. This has increased the risk factor for most of the children living with parents of a second marriage. It is important for the government to access properly the behavior and background of second partners after divorce before allowing for children custody. Most of the assault cases reported are from step parents. Reports also show that girls are the most affected. The other groups of parents that have had many cases of assault are parents of adopted children. Of all the reported cases, only less than ten percent has been from biological parents. This means that some groups things are not done right while allowing for parenting both after divorce and during adoption.

Drug Abuse

Use of drugs has caused some cases of assault. There should be server punishment for any person that is found guilty of child abuse. Most of the cases are from second-time offenders. The government should find the best form of punishment that will put away child abuse offenders for a long time. The last thing is for parents to be keen of the environment that they leave their children in. Leave your child with a person that you trust so as to avoid risks of child abuse.

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