Writing And Transmission Of The Bible

It is a common misconception that the Bible has always been a book, but it has not, and the question that we must ask ourselves is “How the Bible was written?” Also, it must be known that Bible is not a single book; rather, it is a collection of different sacred texts.

There are many different views as to how the Bible was written. To start with, let’s take a look at when the process was initiated. Many Jews and Christians believe that earliest written copies of parts of the Bible came out in the time of Moses, this is, around 1500-1200 B.C. However, many scholars suggest that writing of Biblical scriptures began much later than this, in about the eighth or seventh century B.C.

When The Bible First Came Out

When thinking about how the Bible was written, two questions come to our minds- Who wrote the Bible? And what was it written on when it first came out? The answers are quite simple. Scribes were the people involved in the writing of the bible. They were considered special people in the ancient times as they possessed the ability to read and write.

Editing The Bible

Also, it must be in the minds of all those who wish to know how the Bible was written that not only did the scribes write down the holy texts, they also edited them with time. For instance, a scribe may combine different scrolls to do with a prophet into a single, unified script. Also, scribes living in different areas edited the texts to match their own views regarding the particular prophet of the time. It is believed that such events did occur, as different versions of similar Biblical scriptures have been found in the Dead Sea scrolls.

To completely know how the Bible was written, it is necessary to have information about the transmission of the holy text. There were many different Biblical books in ancient times, which were copied down by the scribes to preserve them for further generations. It must be known that different religious communities considered different editions of these books to be accurate. Also, different communities had different criteria for determining the authority of a book.

It is also integral to know that what the Bible was written on, in ancient times. It was not always printed. The earliest writings were on Papyrus or Parchment, but they were not bound in the form of books until around 300-200 B.C.

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