Becoming A Teacher

Within the first five years, as many as 50% of new teachers leave the profession. This is not a surprising statistic when you factor in that teaching is generally associated with low pay and long hours. However, when you stop and consider all of the joys that teaching can bring, the hours and pay seem to not be as important. Even though teaching is seen as a job that is low-paying, those who stick with it feel it is a profession that has the utmost potential to be more rewarding than any other job.

Hours & Pay

When you first look at it, the average salary of any teacher is very low and it is accompanied by long hours. Even though teachers don’t spend their outside time as part of their work day, they are given holidays and summer vacations off. Teachers have a chance to regroup and refresh during these time off periods. If a school year seemed long and frustrating, a teacher can reflect over the summer and prepare for a new group of students in the coming new school session. Even though the pay is low, a teacher is able to accumulate experience, and to take additional courses. As this occurs, their pay is often increased. Most teachers receive regular raises, and very few jobs still offer that benefit.


Many teachers today have found personal fulfillment through their students. When a teacher spends time on a subject they are passionate about, they get to spend their days discussing something they love and believe in. They work hard to pass along this same passion to their students. When you are creative, you will find that drafting lesson plans, and decorating the classroom goes a long way to improving a teachers ability. Taking classes and learning and growing yourself builds confidence and the level of experience.

Interacting with Students

As teachers, there is a multitude of opportunity to interact with many students at once daily. Some students may frustrate the teacher, but these challenging youths can also be the most rewarding. Not only do teachers enjoy the satisfaction of helping today’s youth learn something new, they also have the ability to improve a child’s overall emotional well-being. A child’s confidence can be increased through the help of their teacher as they learn how to read or solve math problems that are difficult. Students who are raised in broken homes, often bond with their teachers and they know that someone out there really does care for them.

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