The Combined Wars

There have been many wars in the world. These wars led to many adverse effects in the world. Most of the countries that were actively involved in the major wars have not yet recovered from the impact that they suffered because of the war. Wars have not only taken a lot of time of the involved countries but also wasted a lot of the resources. Some of these wars could be termed as essential. This is because they had some reasons that could be deemed as important. Some of these wars include the War of US on Afghanistan and the Iraq war. Both of these wars had the interest of the public at heart. However, whether the war was necessary, they had adverse effects. It might be hard to compare the positive things that were brought about by the war with the effects that it caused. If you think of the major wars like the Civil War, World War One and World War Two, all these wars brought about a great wave of awakening. After the Civil War, there was a lot of industrialization. Then after the end of the Second World War, many countries invested in research and technology. Many discoveries are owed to the experiences that happened during the war.

Effect of the War on the Soldiers

In all the wars that were fought, soldiers suffered a great deal they had to leave their families and go to the battlefields. Most soldiers missed the chance to be with their children. Despite lacking the opportunity to be with their families, soldiers suffered from the experiences they had in the field. Most were forced to indulge in drug abuse. They were compelled to smoke bhang and other drugs. These drugs were provided for free in the fields with the aim of helping the soldiers to survive with the stress and pressure they faced in the fields.

Effects of the War on the Warring Countries

Wars had a lot of effects on the countries involved. One of the major effects was the loss of life. Many people died during the wars. Most of the people especially the youth who are the main drivers of the economy die in war. The other effect of war was in cases where chemical weapons were used. An example is the Second World War when Japan was hit with biochemical weapons. The impact of these chemicals is experienced even today. There is also the economic stress impacted on the nation by the war.

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